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Aerial survey, airborne remote sensing and monitoring are common tasks today; furthermore, it is a strongly growing market. The use of various sensors, different aircraft under different conditions need flexible and good priced equipment to solve commercial and practical needs.

Many small companies are entering the market while established ones upgrade to digital sensors. We provide solutions for both groups, newcomers and the established business companies.

Our Aero-Products builds a complete product line for this purpose. We sell individual components as well as provide integration for your existing equipment. If you like, we also can build for you a complete turnkey solutions including sensors and processing lines. Make use of our experience for your benefit.

Since we sold the first turnkey solution in China 2006, we have more than 30 systems in the market today, spread all over the world.

We would like to introduce our basic products:

  • AeroTopoL, our innovative Software-Solution for Mission Planning and Flight Management for aerial imaging and scanning.
  • AeroNav are GPS and/or IMU systems that assist in high performance navigation and camera control
  • AeroStab-3 is a fully compensating stabiliser for small and medium sized cameras
  • AeroStab-Twin is a fully compensating stabiliser for several small and up to 2 medium sized cameras plus the option of a high grade IMU
  • AeroDiDOS is our deep integrated Direct Orientation System that enables direct georeferencing of your Aerial Images or Scanner Data e.g. Lidar
  • We also offer Aerial Cameras, Thermal Infrared Sensors and Lidar Technology
  • AeroShift is a solution for Cessna 172 to install Camera and Stabilizer in a luggage cabin.
  • Yes, we also provide Add-Ons around this equipment, if not ready, we can design and develop it for you

Look inside and find out how our products can assist in your aerial business.


Gerhard Kemper, CEO of GGS GmbH

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